Lived-in – Dimensional Colour You Will Love

Lived-in, sun kissed hair.

Effortless lived-in colour. Beachy waves, naturally sun kissed highlights.

Trending now #Lived-in Colour! Have you heard of it? Check out my instagram  The perfect combination of light and dark, making it super low maintenance. Lived in colour is about enhancing and embracing your natural colour. So it grows out seamlessly with no harsh demarcation grow out lines. Giving you shimmering beachy hair.

They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ so I have added a gallery of some of the lived-in colour I have created below.

You will look at your hair, you may wonder where the colour starts and ends. This is created so delicately that no transitions are visible. This makes it appear ultra-natural even though it is skilfully created.

If your Brunette you could opt for shades of rich honey tones and creamy caramel to create lightness, keeping the warmth in your hair. Creating a ‘Bronde’ lived in colour. If you are Blonde you could go for natural shades of soft almond, creamy beiges and champagne blonde or even brightest blonde to create a multi-dimensional look. 

Shaggy layers or a LOB ‘Long Bob’ will enhance the movement of your hair and you will be totally on point for this gorgeous trend.


There’s so much to love about this colour as it is very low maintenance! I don’t mean no maintenance, because that would mean no colour at all in your hair. 

After the initial application only smaller visits are required. Every 6-8 weeks you will notice the colour gloss fading from your hair. You can team it up a gloss refresh with a cut and style, which will extend the life of your colour! 

You will need to invest in some high quality salon aftercare products. I recommend Olaplex system which will rebond, strengthen and replenish your hair. Making it ready for the next top up service and keeping your hair looking great. You have invested 4 hours and good money for this colour, don’t skimp on cheap products now. Unless you want it all to go down the drain.

Styling your ‘Lived-in’ Colour?

Styling is all about bringing out those colours and the best way is to give it a beautiful tousled wave. Using a wand/large barrel curling tool or straightening iron. I love using a root volume spray and finish with power powder, both by Maria Nila at the roots for a beachy texture. Finishing with a light hold spray to keep your waves lasting.

You’re looking to create a tousled unkempt look. There are some great tutorials on YouTube:


My up-skills.

As this took the hair profession by storm I up-skilled. With Toni & Guy academy in London. Covering all topics of freehand work, and lots of various techniques. I honed these new found skills with more training. With amazing artists vikscissorhands at The Grove, the blonde Chronicles and Emily Manders. I pride myself by evolving and upping my skills

Whats the investment? 

Pricing from: £140–£250 depending if partial/half or full head.

What’s included?

+ Highlight/lowlight techniques, face framing, tip outs, root shadow

+ Glossing

+ Olaplex treatment

+ Cut and style

(This will all depend on a consultation and the density/length of your hair.) It’s customised and personal, which makes it unique and even more exciting for you. I work on a one to one basis in my studio, giving you lots of my individual attention.

Contact me on whatsapp for a consultation or ring me, Karen 0779 6170061

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