Maria Nila Vegan products

Lets talk about Maria Nila vegan products.

I absolutely love these products, I choose this range of vegan products for a few reasons.

From a professional point of view they give exceptional results. And from an ethically stance they win hands down, ticking all the boxes of vegan and environmentally sustainable products. 

Let me talk you through the range. To help you find the perfect fit for you.

The Sheer silver range is perfect for blondes, keeping the colour really bright, as if you have just stepped out of the salon. As you may know after a while blondes can start to look dull and maybe a tad gold/yellow, but the violet tone cancels out any unwanted brassy tones, which means bright zingy blondes. Some of my client use the masque to tone by leaving on for 5 mins or more.

The Structure repair range has your condition and strength of your hair in mind, by repairing dry, damaged hair from colouring. Repairing algae helps to revitalise your hair by adding strength and lustre, with a scent of warming vanilla, soft rose and fresh jasmine. The repair masque is especially beneficial when left on for at least 10 mins, maybe soak in the bath whilst you leave it on, before rinsing out.

True soft range is for wavy, curly or naturally dry hair. With softening Argan oil, that preserve moisture and strengthens your hair. We know the benefits of Argan oil. I use a small amount of the Argan oil on dry and towel dried hair.

Volumising range thickens and adds body to your hair without weighing it down. With Vitamin B5 that adds moisture and long lasting volume. I love the scent of citrusy and floral scent of Neroli, lemon and Hyacinth. Who doesn’t love gorgeous smelling products.

Head & Heal range is formulated for the scalp to treat any problems and prevent dandruff. The ingredients also stimulate hair follicles for increased growth and helps prevent hair loss. With the plant hero, natural Aloe Vera extract and Picoctane Olamine. I have fine blonde hair, so I like to use silver shampoo and head & heal.

 Maria Nila products are rich in natural ingredients, paraben and sulphate free, which is amazing for your health, because let’s face it who wants all those chemicals on your skin.

Born out of passion for great colour care, this rich palette of products makes it easy for you to be true to your hair type and the solution for it to stay truly colourful. Each product is uniquely formulated to restore, nourish and give lustrous shine and protect coloured hair. Your hair is unique, thats how it should stay.


Sheer silver perfect for blondes

“We provide the world with friendly, sustainable beauty 

in a professional, conscious and playful way” says Maria Nila

Lets talk about Maria Nila vegan and sustainable commitments.

As we live in a society where we have to take responsibility for animals, the environment and our future generations. Animals are a great part of our planet and they shouldn’t be plagued or exploited due to humanity’s vanity. 

Therefore, Maria Nila see it as a matter of course to produce products with 100% vegan ingredients. Which is why I love their products.
Maria Nila products are certified by The Vegan Society, PETA and Leaping Bunny, which all are global animal welfare organization’s. Their logos are featured on their packaging and means that you can be sure that the range of products is both animal friendly and vegan. 

In the future, wouldn’t it be amazing if  all beauty products around the world were vegan and environmentally friendly!


Maria Nila products

When you come to visit me we can talk about which Maria Nila range best suits your hair. By using great products you will achieve the best results from your colour and your style. 

If you would like help now, please feel free to contact me 07796170061 and we can have a chat.

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